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That’s exactly what happened at the online live dealer session a few weeks ago as one blackjack player managed to bag $4 million after losing nearly $1.5 million earlier in the night! This is a remarkable story and just goes to show that you should never give up on yourself, no matter how bad things may seem at first.

“Worst Bonus Hunt”

The video started after the player lost a little over a million which he considered the “Worst Bonus Hunt”. It was also stated that the player lost another $500,000 on slots.

This means that he has already lost around $1.5 million. It can be seen that the payer was frustrated but will still try his luck in the coming Salon Prive Blackjack C Session powered by Evolution Gaming.

High-Stakes Session Starts

“I need to make 1.5M”

This is what the player said to the dealer before the session ts. With his a little over $2.4 million bankroll, the player aims to reach at least $4 million just to break even.

In the first round, he immediately bet a total of $402,500 for the 7 seats he consisted of a $50,000 bet and a $7,500 side bet for each. The player looks totally locked in and stands on all seats after having decent numbers while the dealer has a 4.

Unfortunately, the dealer had a dominating 20 which win over the player’s six seats and ties with the remaining one. What a brutal way to start the session!

He bet the same amount on the next round, and he bet the same amount and had a commanding hand while as a dealer resulting in a bust (26). The player is back in the game with an $835,000 win.

Crazy Strategy

The player won another 700K with the dealer’s surprising bust (22). After that, the player had 3 busts but still take a profit as he won with a split and double down and the banker resulted to another bust (23).

At one point, the player showcases his deadly instincts as he decided to double the seat with a 6 which resulted in a 12, stand the seats which also have 12, 13, and 15, and the clutch double on a seat with a soft 19 which resulted in a 21. All of these seats won as the banker resulted in a bust!

“That’s a massive baby!” the player shouted as he bagged a $900K win.

The crazy streak continues as he won another 715K on 2 out of the 3 games after that. This makes his balance a little less than $3.9 million but he decided to stay.

Tough Blackjack Stretch

The session continues, and the next round has not been the way he predicted as 4 of the seats resulted in a bust while the highest he had was 19. He still won 2 seats because the banker had a 17 but he lost around $200K.

He lost another $300 to the next round but starts to gain momentum again after having an $865K win.

As the next session starts, the player starts to feel that the greatest comeback will be fulfilled. He had a 17, 18, three 19s, and a couple of 21s. We can see the level of excitement that the player is showing as the banker slowly shows his cards but it resulted in a 21 which the player can’t believe.

Walking Away with $4,000,000 Bankroll

However, the rough stretch ends after the dealer had a bust, and the player bags a 935,000 win. This makes his balance back to $3.5 million.

“One more and leave”, the player said.

He may not have a commanding hand but his hits are just perfect so that the dealer will result in a bust. He won a big-time 1,095,000 which makes his balance reach $4M. This time, he decided to walk out.

Winning in a High Stakes Blackjack Session

In any game, luck will always play a role. However, certain strategies can increase the odds of winning. This is especially true in blackjack, where the correct decisions can make the difference between winning and losing. For example, consider the following scenario: it is late in a high-stakes blackjack session and the player has lost several hands in a row. The player’s chips are running low and they are starting to feel anxious.

The key in this situation is to remain calm and focus on making the best possible decisions. If the player hits when they should stand, or vice versa, they are more likely to lose their remaining chips. However, if the player makes disciplined choices and follows basic blackjack strategy, they stand a much better chance of making a comeback and winning the session.