Biggest Win in a Single Live Dealer Roulette Spin: Twitch Streamer Bags $3.9M

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There is no doubt that online live gambling can be a lucrative venture. Just ask one twitch streamer who managed to turn his fortunes around in a single roulette spin. The streamer, who goes by the name of “Roshtein,” was already down 1 million after he placed his bet. But then something amazing happened…

How Did He Do it?

Some moments in life are so improbable, that they seem like something out of a movie. The twitch streamer started with $500K and lost around $350K of it within a few spins due to high stakes. He deposited another $800K and continues to play.

The streamer focus on the cluster of 32. This is one of the usual techniques of players who want to diversify their bets. While this may result in lower winnings, the diversification of bets gives players a higher probability of winning. This may be good for players who are planning to play for hours.

After he placed his $337K single spin bet, he only had less than $300K in his bankroll. He will be down by a million if he loses on the next spin. Even the viewers are nervous but still, show support to the streamer.

The ball landed on the player’s number – 32 Red – and they walked away with one of the biggest casinos wins in history. Exactly $3,870,0000! that’s how big he won in just a single spin. The streamer screened as he can’t contain the feeling. From being down by a million to being up by $2.8 million. What a massive turnaround!

While it’s unlikely that anyone could ever replicate such an improbable feat, it serves as a reminder that, sometimes, lady luck is smiling down on us.

The player would have won another million if he bet on the next spin but he decided to control himself. While this may be a missed opportunity, this is also a sign of responsible gambling as he doesn’t bet while in high emotion.

He bet only on 17 and 32 on to the next spin and surprisingly, the 17 comes out which resulted in another big win – $630,000.

Not Once But Twice

He asked the viewers and the majority said no. He decided to skip a few spins and see if his number will come out. A few spins were skipped then his numbers are not in the results so he decided to continue playing after saving so much from the skipped spins.

He lost 2 consecutive bets which include a spin where 17 comes out while he focused on the cluster of 32. This is very frustrating but the player calms himself down and continues with his strategy.

While his bankroll was slowly going down, the player eventually hit the 32 again for another 3,870,000 million winnings. What a session!

More About Roshtein

ROSHTEIN is a popular twitch streamer who entertains people without the need for subscriptions or even donations. He may be one of the pioneer streamers of slots since he started way back in 2016. He also organizes several events line Bonus Hunts and engaging Tournaments and Battles for the supporters.

His live streams are full of excitement and his viewers can’t get enough. Many people have started following him and he has quickly become one of the most popular twitch streamers. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to spend your free time, make sure to check out ROSHTEIN’s live stream. You won’t be disappointed.