Blackjack Streamer Beats the Odds and Walks Away with $700,000

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Some people seem to have all the luck when it comes to gambling. This blackjack streamer is one of them. He was able to walk away with a cool $700,000 after nearly losing everything he had.

His journey was filled with ups and downs, but in the end, he was able to come out on top. If you’re looking for some thrilling online casino sessions, be sure to read this story!

Not the Ideal start

The video started as the streamer bet $1,500 of his $100K balance remaining balance to test his rhythm. He already had a 19 but he still decided to hit which resulted in a 2 and gave him an unbelievable 21. This boosted his confidence and decided to bet a total of $115K while occupying two seats.

He had a straight flush in one hand which make him more confident. However, it only ended with 13 and 17 while the banked had a 21. He still almost got a breakeven but it greatly diminishes his momentum.

Rollercoaster Online Blackjack Session

The streamer had a rollercoaster online blackjack session. After starting slowly, they began to pick up the pace and started winning more hands. However, the tide turned again and they began to lose a few hands in a row.

There is one point that he managed to get up to $500 after catching fire in a few rounds but had terrible hands in the next games so he ended up playing with less than $30,000 in his bankroll.

Undaunted, they kept playing and eventually regained their footing, finishing the session as soon as he got his $700K back.

“Great to see you realize there’s always another day and get out with even a small profit!” a viewer said.

Throughout the entire session, the streamer showed his full emotions and even actions every time the outcome of the round was finalized. He is screaming when there is a sudden turnaround of events which makes him lose big time and bragging when it goes the other way around.

However, he kept his composure and strategical thinking throughout the game. Even though the dealer almost got great hands every single time he still thinks critically and analyzes the situation. This composure no doubt helped them to stay focused and make smart decisions, ultimately leading to their successful blackjack session.

No wonder why this popular streamer is being praised by viewers, he doesn’t just show emotions, he also showcases his awesome gambling instincts in live dealer casino games which most of the viewers want to acquire.

“You’re an entertainer at heart and you’re brilliant,” another viewer commented.