“ALL-IN” Challenge: 21K to $100K Bankroll in 15 minutes

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When it comes to blackjack, there are many different strategies that players can use in order to increase their chances of winning. Some people prefer to keep a low profile and play conservatively, while others like to take more risks in order to win bigger payouts.

However, this player who streams blackjack sessions for fun just put up one of the most exciting sessions you’ll ever see. If you want to learn more about this challenge and how it went down, keep reading!

All-In, Early Win

With his $21,000, beginning balance, the streamer plays 7 seat strategy with a $3,000 bet-a-piece. He had impressive numbers (21, 18, 20, 16, 19, & 19) with a single bust. The pressure intensifies as the dealer shows his cards, 12 on the first two cards (8 & 4), added by a 2 to make it 14, and a 10 to make it a bust!

“Nice!,” the player stated as he won $36,000. “I think that worked out somehow”

The player immediately bet 35,700 of the winnings. He got a blackjack, a 3-card 21, a couple of 20s, a 19, and two busts. These may be more commanding hands compared to the previous game but the dealer surprised him with an early 20 to make just win a little from the player.

He still had a $33,150 win, still good since the dealer got a good hand that time.

Critical Stretch

The player goes for another all-in by betting $33,450. He had less impressive numbers and the dealer got a 19 which drops his balance to 16,725, thanks to blackjack.

As he go through the next game, he had another blackjack, a couple of 20s and a 19, but with 3 busts due to his aggressive strategy. Luckily, the dealer just got an 18 which gives him a $20K win.

The aggressive “All-in” challenge continues! during the next game, the player comes up with a clutch as he hit on the 7th seat which already got a 16. This is such an aggressive approach but it did pay off as it resulted in a 20 and the dealer just got a 17. His balance increase to more than $30K again

Fun Times Ahead

Another miracle happened in the next game as he hit a 2 on a hand that already got a 16 but his two seats resulted in a bust, which is just good because the dealer also got a bust. His balance climbs to $46K.

He settles for two seats after that which is riskier, but only with a $30K bet. It had a favorable result as he got $60K winnings due to another bust on the dealer’s hand.

Few ups and down in the next few games but he still manages to reach the $86K balance. This time, he bet only $14K to make it $100K if he wins on both seats, but it resulted to breakeven as one of his seats had a bust together with the dealer.

He eventually lost the $14K and decided to bet $28K. However, this resulted to double 18 while the banker only had 17 on first hands. A massive $56K win gives him the $100K goal!

Final Words

One of the best ways to win at blackjack is to be aggressive. That means making big bets when you have a good hand and going for broke when the odds are in your favor. It might seem like a risky strategy, but if you know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, you can come out ahead in the long run.

So next time you hit the casino floor, remember to be aggressive and take home the blackjack jackpot!