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Are you ready to channel your inner-007 with a glamorous round of baccarat? If so, you’ll want to try immersive live dealer baccarat, which brings the Monte Carlo experience to your home through the use of cutting-edge live streaming technology.

If you’re wondering how to play live baccarat online, or you’re looking for the right live baccarat online casino, you have come to the right place. Read our essential guide to live dealer baccarat before you step up to the table. 

Baccarat Table

How Does Live Baccarat Actually Work?

If you’re new to the world of live casino gaming, you might be wondering how live baccarat online actually works. As mentioned, live baccarat makes use of immersive livestream technology, to allow you to interact with real dealers and real players via a video uplink.

Once you sign in to your online casino account, you can enter the live casino lounge and select a baccarat table of your choice. Once you’re in, you can interact with a real-life baccarat dealer via an interactive video uplink.

You can instruct the dealer to make your wagers and tell him whether you are betting on player, banker, or tie. If you win the round of baccarat, your winnings are credited immediately to your online casino account. You can interact with your dealer any time via the on-screen interface, which allows you to set your wager levels and make your in-game decisions.

With many leading US live baccarat online casino sites, you can also chat with the dealer and with your fellow players via a live chatbox. Social casino gaming has never been more accessible. 

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The Baccarat Basics

Perhaps you’re new to the glamorous game of baccarat and are in need of a quick run-down. If so, we have got you covered. Baccarat has some similarities with blackjack, in that you are going head-to-head against the “house” in the hopes that your randomly-dealt hand will be closer to a specific numerical value.

In baccarat, that number is 9, rather than 21. In addition, you can bet that either the “player” hand or the banker (dealer) hand will have a value closer to 9. You can also wager on a tie, meaning that you win if each hand results in a draw. In addition, you cannot choose whether to “hit” or “stick”.

Rather, the dealer will automatically deal out additional cards to any hand that totals 5 or fewer or is equal to 10. You have no choice over whether you will be dealt the so-called “third card”. In this way, baccarat is a truly random game of chance that is over in a flash, which is exactly what makes this time-honored casino classic such a thrill to play. 

How to Play Online Baccarat with a Live Dealer: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s break down exactly how you can start playing live baccarat online today:

  • Read reviews to choose the best US online casino for you 
  • Register for your online casino account
  • Select a payment method (such as PayPal or Visa) and make your casino deposit
  • Claim your online casino bonus 
  • Head to the live casino lounge and select a baccarat game of your choice
  • Set your wager level and choose your main bet (player, banker, or tie)
  • Select any side bets you wish to make (such as Perfect Pairs)
  • Once you are ready, hit “play” and the dealer will dish out the cards
  • Enjoy!
Baccarat Table

Why Play Live Baccarat with a Live Dealer?

There are many benefits for choosing live dealer baccarat over “conventional” online baccarat, in which you are just playing against a computer. Here are our top reasons to love live baccarat online:

๐ŸŽฐ Real Casino Feel

If you want a truly immersive experience that feels like you’re on the casino floor in Las Vegas or Monaco, then a live dealer casino is the way to go. Thanks to modern streaming technology, you’ll feel like you’re in a plush baccarat lounge, without having to leave your couch. 

๐Ÿ’ฐ More Wagering Options

Many of the top US live casinos offer a staggering array of live baccarat variants, such as lightning baccarat, VIP baccarat, Baccarat Perfect Pairs, and more. This allows you to play exactly how you want to play, and make more wagers outside of the “standard” set of bets.

๐ŸŽฅ Streaming in HD

Live casino gaming has come a long way in recent years. Today, you can stream your baccarat games in crystal-clear HD, even when playing on mobile. 

๐ŸŽฒ Multiple Tables

Why stop at one baccarat table? Many US online live casinos will offer you the chance to play at several tables at once, unlocking a world of casino gaming, without limits.

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ผ Professional Live Dealers

The best live casinos will offer highly-trained, professional, and friendly casino dealers that are there to put you at ease and provide you with a VIP casino experience. This is arguably the main draw of live dealer baccarat. 

Live Baccarat vs Land-Based Baccarat Explained

Live Dealer Baccarat Land-Based Baccarat 
Immersive casino gaming at home โœ…Must go to a physical casino โŒ
Can start playing whenever you want โœ…May have to wait for a table to be free โŒ
Wide range of payment options โœ…Usually can only pay by cash or card โŒ
Not the same as the “real” casino experience โŒMore social atmosphere โœ…
Speedy dealing and betting โœ…Deals and bets are instant โœ…

The Top Live Dealer Baccarat for US Players

New online casinos are springing up across the US right now, each claiming to offer the very best online Baccarat live dealer experiences. Of course, some casinos are better than others. If you’re looking for a licensed live US casinos with top-notch live gaming and a baccarat bonus to boot, trust our iGaming experts to give you the low-down. Here are the top live dealer baccarat sites for US players right now. 

Betway US

This sleek and established online casino began offering its services to US customers last year, launching into 10 states overnight. Today, Betway is one of the most respected real money casinos in the world, with a ton of industry awards under its belt and high ratings for customer satisfaction.

You’ll find generous welcome bonuses here, as well as a seriously stylish, exclusive live casino lounge with dozens of live dealer blackjack tables

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Originally starting out as a fantasy football betting site, DraftKings has since made serious inroads into America’s growing online casino space. You’ll find hundreds of slot games here, as well as an exclusive live casino lounge featuring all of the classics. Live baccarat fans won’t be disappointed here, as DraftKings offers its own version that players will love. 

4.8 rating
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Borgata Casino

With a staggering selection of games and a mobile-friendly site that players will love, Borgata Casino has everything a live dealer baccarat fan could want. You’ll find a $20 no-deposit bonus, and plenty of baccarat tables, all arranged by table limits so that high rollers and low-key gamblers alike can feel right at home. 

4.8 rating
$20 Bonus
No Deposit Required!

Live Dealer Baccarat Bonuses

When you sign-up to play live dealer baccarat, make sure to claim your live casino bonus first. This is a welcome bonus offered by the casino as a sweetener, which allows you to play real money games for free. Some of the most common types of bonuses are: 

Matched Deposit Bonus

When you make your first casino deposit, the casino will match the amount for you. An example might be a 100% matched deposit up to $1000. This means that the casino will double your first deposit up to 1000 bucks. 

No Deposit Bonus

This is a casino bonus that does not require you to make a deposit at all. For example, a $100 no-deposit bonus will reward you with $100 cash to play with at the casino, without you having to deposit a penny. 

Cashback Bonus

This is a bonus that allows you to claim back your losses on losing bets, essentially amounting to risk-free bonuses. 

Free Bet Bonus 

Some US casinos keep it simple by offering a straight-up free bet. This might be a $20 bet that you can spend at the baccarat table, on which any winnings are yours to keep (subject to playthrough requirements). 

Live Dealer Baccarat Mobile Play

Did you know that you can enjoy immersive, high-definition live baccarat on your smartphone? With the best US mobile casino sites, you can play the best live table games on your mobile browser or via a dedicated app, without compromising on quality.

Look out for casinos that offer live games from top-rated developers such as NetEnt, BGT, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, and Red Tiger, as these are certain to offer high-quality mobile baccarat experiences.

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Responsible Gambling

Gambling is only fun when played responsibly. Players should never wager money that they cannot comfortably afford to lose, and they should never, ever gamble as a means of seriously earning money.

Gambling is a form of entertainment in which wins and losses are almost entirely determined by blind luck, where the house always has an edge. Consider setting strict limits on your daily casino gameplay and take advantage of on-site player control options, which will lock you out of your casino if you are playing too much.

If you believe that you have a gambling problem, stop playing and seek help immediately. US residents can reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling free of charge to receive expert advice and resources on quitting. You can also consult this page to find gambling addiction resources in your state, such as free counseling and tailored guidance on quitting gambling.