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Part of the draw of roulette is that it is such a simple, yet elegant game. Place your wager, spin the wheel, and hope that little shiny ball lands in your favor. Roulette is a game of pure chance, with no skill involved. This simple fact is what makes the game so popular with casino rookies and high rollers alike, as it feels like anything is possible with each and every spin.

However, while you cannot change the outcome of each spin, you can structure your bets and manage your bankroll in a number of strategic ways.

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Live Dealer Roulette Strategies You Can Try in 2022 

If you’re about to play some live casino games and are interested in live roulette strategies that you can use to structure your bets, you have come to the right place. Read the official Live Dealer guide to find out our top picks for roulette strategies. 

Our Top Roulette Strategy Picks

While you cannot influence the outcome of the roulette wheel spin, you can structure your bets in a way that plays on the randomness of the game, or attempts to seek patterns in each successive spin. That’s why all roulette strategies are essentially bankroll management strategies, where you adjust your wager according to the outcome of the previous spin. Here are our favorite live dealer roulette strategies to try: 


Probably the most iconic and popular roulette betting strategy around, Martingale is also the most simple. The strategy is based on the idea that every roulette player will win eventually, so all they need to do is bet bigger and bigger to claw back their losses when the eventual win does hit.

Under Martingale, the player doubles their stake after each losing bet. The idea is that, when you win, your larger stake will make up for your previous losses. Once you win, you can reset the Martingale sequence from scratch. A typical Martingale sequence looks like this: 



Another progressive betting system for playing online live roulette, the Fibonacci strategy is more suited to conservative players, as it is less risky than Martingale. With this, you increase your stake by a small increment after each win. Fibonacci is designed to only be played on even-number bets with a higher chance of success. The size of the increase is based on the famous Fibonacci mathematical sequence and would look like this: 



The D’Alembert strategy is a little bit different, in that you choose the size of your betting “units”, which could be, say $1. The idea is that you increase your wager by one of these units after a losing spin, and decrease it by one unit after a winning spin. This is how the D’Alembert system typically looks in practice: 

Round 1Bet 1 UnitWin
Round 2Bet 1 UnitLose
Round 3Bet 2 UnitsLose 
Round 4Bet 3 UnitsLose
Round 5Bet 4 UnitsWin
Round 6Bet 3 UnitsLose
Round 7Bet 4 UnitsLose
Round 8Bet 5 UnitsWin

James Bond 

Named after the world’s most famous spy and Monte Carlo regular, the James Bond strategy is best suited to those who are only planning on a few quick rounds of roulette. The bets are not progressive, with each wager being exactly the same in each round. Instead, the idea is to wager a specific amount on specific sets of numbers as follows: 


How to Learn These Roulette Strategies at Home

Learning these strategies takes a little bit of practice, but it will come naturally once you understand the fundamentals. The best approach is to play demo mode online roulette with dummy money first so that you can master these strategies with zero risk. Once you are confident that you understand the sequences, you can enter the live dealer roulette lounge and put your strategies to the test. At Live Dealer US, we offer regular, expert guides on the best roulette strategies for you.