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Bank transfers can be used as one of the convenient live casino payments methods? Almost 95% of American households have a bank account. Does this mean that bank transfers are an easy way of moving money? Let’s take a look at the facts.

The Key Reasons We Recommend Bank Transfer

Most people are familiar with bank transfers and a lot of people have already carried them out in the past. Sending a transfer from your bank account to your online casino is fast and secure, so you can start playing more quickly.

Are Bank Transfer Reliable?

Yes, this method links your casino account to an existing banking method that is widely used and trusted. You can have as much confidence using bank transfers as you have with other respected live casino payment methods, such as credit cards and PayPal.

Disadvantages of Using Bank Transfers

You need to have an online banking account to pay in this way, so if you haven’t yet arranged this you’ll need to do so. Your bank might also charge you for these transactions.

Withdrawals and Deposits at Casinos with Bank Transfer

Not every online casino lets you pay through a bank transfer, but those that do typically accept both deposits and withdrawals. For example, with BetMGM you can link your casino account to your online banking and move cash easily.

How long to depositHow long to withdrawMinimum depositMinimum withdrawalMaximum depositMaximum withdrawal
Up to six days for a wire transferUp to five working days (varies by casino)$10 (varies by casino)$10 (varies by casino)Varies by casinoVaries by casino

How to Deposit 

There are different ways of making a bank transfer to a live dealer casino account. One is to contact your bank directly, while you could also do this through online banking. Some casinos let you link your online bank account, so that you only need to enter the details once. You can claim welcome bonuses quickly and start playing right away following a bank transfer.

How to Cash out

Choose bank transfer or online banking as your withdrawal method, if offered. You then need to be sure that the correct details are being used.

Fees and Charges with Bank Transfers 

Online casinos won’t charge you for bank transfer deposits or withdrawals. Your bank might though, so it’s a good idea to check with them first.

Are Bank Transfers Better than PayPal?

Bank transfers and PayPal are equally easy to carry out if you have an account. Therefore, your decision over which one is easier might come down to which type of account you already hold. One possible advantage with bank transfers is that they are free for some customers, while PayPal charges fees.

Pros and Cons of Casinos with Bank Transfer

You can obtain the following benefits by funding your live casino account with bank transfers:

  • Use your existing bank account
  • Can be carried out online or by contacting your bank
  • The casino won’t charge you
  • Safe and reliable
  • You don’t need to split your money into different accounts or wallets

These are a couple of the potential disadvantages you need to know about:

  • Not every casino offers this payment method
  • Withdrawals can take longer than with other methods
Are bank transfer deposits always instant?

This depends upon the time taken by your bank to issue the transfer. Online casinos will process deposits as soon as they receive them.

Do you get charged fees for using bank transfers with an online casino?

The casino won’t charge you for deposits or withdrawals using this method. Your bank may, so it’s worth checking with them to see if this is the case.

How safe is it to use bank transfers in live casinos?

This is one of the safest banking methods offered by online casinos. Bank transfers have been widely used all over the planet for many years.

Do all casinos list bank transfers as one of their live dealer casino payments methods?

No, this is an option found on some casinos but not on others. You should check the banking information page on the casino you want to join.

Can I use bank transfers for withdrawals and deposits?

Those casinos that accept bank transfer deposits also allow this method for deposits. Others may offer withdrawals in this way even if they don’t accept deposits.