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A large percentage of online gamblers play live casino games, and this interest has led to increased competition in the space. To develop an edge against the competition, online casino operators have started to offer a range of live casino payment methods to attract gamblers. These options include Skrill, MasterCard, and PayPal, the focus of this article.

Why Should You Use PayPal? 

PayPal is an electronic payment service with over 200 million users worldwide. Today, PayPal is one of the most popular casino payment methods available since it gives players fast access to their winnings, and transactions take just a few minutes. PayPal also provides online gamblers with flexibility and the choice of depositing and withdrawing small or large amounts of money. Lastly, PayPal provides users with the most security. 

Is PayPal A Reliable Payment Method? 

There are different casino payment methods, such as credit cards, but PayPal is one of the most reliable. You don’t have to share any revealing information to make payments, and PayPal’s website is secure. PayPal also has protection systems to ensure your cash remains secure, such as buyer protection, data encryption, and fraud prevention. With buyer protection, if you complete a transaction and an online casino does not match what you paid, the company will reimburse you. PayPal transactions are also encrypted, and every transaction is monitored for identity theft or phishing as part of the company’s fraud prevention system. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using PayPal? 

PayPal has more advantages than disadvantages, though nothing is perfect. You will find some issues with PayPal, such as the platform’s lack of customer service for account issues. Other disadvantages of using PayPal include its unavailability in certain countries. Users also still have to deposit funds first to use this online payment service.

Withdrawals and Deposits At Casinos With PayPal 

Out of all of the live casino payment methods available, PayPal has one of the most straightforward processes for deposits and withdrawals. However, it is important we mention that these processes depend on the online casino. 

Deposit Times1-2 minutes
Withdrawal Times24-72 hours
Minimum Deposit Limit$10
Maximum Deposit Limit$10,000-$60,000
Minimum Withdrawal LimitN/A
Maximum Withdrawal Limit$5,000

How To Deposit 

You will begin by signing into your PayPal account and ensuring your bank or credit card is connected to your wallet. Once this is complete, you will want to confirm that you have the available funds before signing into a casino that accepts this online payment. After logging in, you will open the payment section and select PayPal as your favored method. Next, you will enter the desired amount of funds you want to deposit before finalizing it.

How To Cash Out

PayPal’s withdrawal process involves signing into an online casino, opening the payment sections, and selecting withdrawal. After completing these steps, you will choose PayPal as your preferred method, enter the desired amount, and finalize the withdrawal.

PayPal Transaction Fees 

PayPal stands out among the various live dealer casino payment methods as most PayPal casinos don’t charge a transaction fee. However, keep in mind this can change depending on your country.

Is PayPal Better Than Bank Transfers? 

PayPal has many advantages over other forms of payment, including bank transfers and credit cards. The most notable difference is that while PayPal casinos don’t charge transaction fees, bank transfers are costly. Likewise, while bank transfers are instant like PayPal, the withdrawal times are much slower, ranging from three to 14 days. The only advantage bank transfers have is that all countries accept this form of payment, whereas PayPal’s availability is limited in certain parts of the world. As for other e-Wallets, PayPal is on a level playing field with live casino payment methods like Skrill, as both options offer convenience and speed. That said, you will find Skrill on more online casinos than PayPal. 

Pros And Cons Of PayPal

As we can see, there are more pros to using PayPal when playing live casino games than the other available live dealer casino payments methods like bank transfers and credit cards. These advantages include safety, reliability, and fast deposit and withdrawal times. However, the disadvantage of using PayPal is that not every country has access to it.

Can you deposit via PayPal if you don’t have an account?

No. You have to create a PayPal account before using it as a deposit method. Fortunately, the process only takes a few minutes. 

What online casinos accept PayPal?

Currently, the following online casinos accept PayPal: BetMGM, Betway, bet365, 888casino, and more.