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Whilst there are many similarities between online casinos and land-based casinos, there are also many differences. Each has its pros and cons compared to the other, like having access to instant cashouts in a physical casino or having access to more games at online casinos.

Online Casino Exclusive

The fact they have more games is one of the reasons that many people in the US prefer playing at online casinos, and why they have seen tremendous growth in the last few years. In fact, they don’t just have more games, they have exclusive versions of classic games that give them a new twist. This is something that you don’t find when going into a land-based casino.

But what are these exclusive games that you can only find online? Well, here are just a few of the most popular live casino games online that you won’t find in land-based casinos:

Lightning Roulette

They say “lightning never strikes twice” but it can strike up to three times in this fresh take on the classic roulette game. Much like the typical game, lightning roulette online takes place on a traditional wheel and board. There are 37 numbers, which yes, does include zero, and you have all the usual bets available such as red, black, odds, and evens on the outside, and being able to bet on individual numbers or split your bets into halves and quarters on the inside.

The difference is that in the background, there are three reels, which between spins, show lightning striking the numbers on the roulette wheels. It can strike a single number, two numbers, or up to three numbers for each spin. The numbers that get struck by lightning then have a multiplier added to them. These can range from anywhere between 2x your stake to up to a whopping 500x your stake depending on which version of this game you play, as they do differ slightly at different casinos.

Obviously, in order for that multiplier to apply to your stake, you do need the ball to land on that number on the wheel, and you have to have covered it with your bet. If the ball doesn’t land on one of those numbers, then nothing happens to enhance the odds, and if it does and you don’t have it covered, you will miss out.

Just to show how this game works, here is a small clip of YouTuber ttdante who won $750,000 playing this game when his number received the 500x multiplier, and then came in on the roulette wheel.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a slightly different take on the classic card game. The aim of the game remains the same in that you need to get as close to 21 as possible, ending with a value higher than that of the dealer or having them go bust. 

However, there are some slight differences. To begin with, you will be dealt two cards as usual, but you will have the option to swap out the second card you are handed for a new one. Therefore, if you get dealt a poor hand, you have a chance to get a second turn.

This is particularly handy if you have a 10, J, Q, K, or A and don’t get the required partner card to get a blackjack. Because of this, the odds paid out for getting a blackjack are lower than usual, only offering back even money. These are the same odds as winning a standard hand when playing traditional blackjack.

There is one extra feature though that plays into the dealer’s hand. Because the odds of winning are enhanced for the player, the live dealer in Blackjack Switch can force a push on 22. That means that if the dealer gets 22, you will have your initial stake returned, rather than winning the bet. But some players do prefer a higher chance to win over higher odds for the less likely outcomes.

You also have additional games available to play alongside this as well, such as Perfect Pairs. This is a side game where you bet on the outcome of your cards being a pair. You can win for simply having matching values, with odds increasing then for matching values of the same color, all the way to having a perfect pair of two identical cards. And with the player being able to swap out one of their cards, this increases the chances of winning on the side game too.

Double Ball Roulette

The name of this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s classic roulette except with two balls on the wheel, meaning that there is double the chance of your bet coming in. Therefore, the house edge is lower than it would be in the traditional game. But there is a slight catch with Double Ball Roulette.

For inside bets, which are when you place a bet on a single number, a half or quarter, only one ball is required to land on what you need in order to win. However, for outside bets, such as odds and evens, or when you bet on red or black, then both balls must land on that wager in order for you to win.

Other than that, the game is completely the same from the bets available to the numbers on the wheel. 

Having two balls can sometimes be a bad thing, though. On a traditional roulette wheel, besides the rims of the numbers and the metal rivets on the outside of the wheel, there is nothing else for the ball to collide into. But, when you have two balls on the wheel at the same time, they could hit each other and prevent you from winning your bet. Just imagine, the ball is heading for the number you need, but the other ball comes along, dings it, and knocks it into the number next to yours!

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game unlike any of the others we’ve mentioned because rather than being based on a traditional table game, it’s more like a TV game show. Remember Wheel of Fortune? Well, it’s just like that big wheel that players used to spin around in order to add money to their balances before they would make it through to the final round in order to try and win what they had collected.

It is one of many live dealer games like this, with similar games that go by different names. We describe it as a live dealer game, but, as mentioned, Crazy Time feels more like a TV show. So the dealers are more like a host than a traditional dealer. They’re much more interactive and chatty.

But what really sets Crazy Time apart from its competitors besides the colorful set and charismatic host, is that as well as the main game, there are also four bonus games as well. Kind of like when you get a bonus feature on a slot game. It’s a game within a game.

The way it works is that players place a bet on six options, there are numbers one, two, five, and ten, plus the four bonus games. The bonus games have just one section on the wheel each, with the numbers having numerous sections. One has the most sections, therefore having the lowest odds, and ten has the fewest sections of the numbers, giving it higher odds. 

The bonus games for Crazy Time are as follows:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip
  • Crazy Time
  • Pachinko

Cash Hunt is like a shooting gallery game. There are a number of options available, and players must select one of the symbols which will have a multiplier behind it. Then a cannon will begin shooting the symbols to reveal what each one is hiding, showing players which type of multiplier they will get for their stake. These can range from small multipliers like 5x your stake, up to a whopping 1,000x your stake.

Coin Flip is a much simpler bonus game. When activated, two multipliers will be generated, with each one being assigned either red or blue. A coin with a red and blue face will then be tossed, and the side it lands on is the winning one, with any players who bet on the bonus game receiving that multiplier on their stake. 

Crazy Time is by far the biggest bonus game of them all. Another wheel will appear, much like the one in the main game, except each section will have a specific multiplier value and a color behind it. Players must select the color they think the wheel will land on, and if correct, they will win their stake multiplied by the amount on the wheel.

There is also a double and triple section on the wheel. If someone selects this, then all the values are multiplied, and the wheel will spin again. Only players who bet on the double or triple can play this round and will have a chance of receiving up to 20,000x their stake.

The final bonus game is Pachinko. A large Pachinko board will appear in the background and the host will launch a ball. This will then bounce between all the pegs landing into a section at the very bottom, which will have a multiplier value or will say “double”. If it lands in the double section, the host will launch again until it lands on a multiplier. The double-feature can increase the value of multipliers up to 10,000x your stake.

Deal or No Deal Live

Moving on from one game that looks like a TV game show, to one that is based on a world-renowned TV show, we have Deal or No Deal. If you have no idea what this game is, then where have you been hiding? Deal or No Deal was a global phenomenon when it first launched.

The idea was that contestants would pick a box/case with a number that would contain a certain amount of money. They would then choose the remaining numbers to eliminate them, each one revealing an amount that is removed from the prize pool. Between picks, “the Banker” would call up to make an offer on the box the player had. This value could be higher than what they had, or lower. They wouldn’t know until they chose to accept an offer or played until the very end.

The way this version works when you play at a live casino online is that players will spin a three-reel bank vault. Each spin will affect the amount of money in the biggest prize briefcase by between 75x your stake and 500x your stake. Once the player then qualifies, there is another top-up round, that sees players able to add more multipliers between 5x and 50x their stake to any of the 16 briefcases that are available for selection.

Then the main game kicks in. There are a number of phases to the game, in which a random number generator picks a pre-determined number of the briefcases to open them up and reveal their values. The Banker will then make offers between each phase, and players must decide whether the offer is higher or lower than the value in the briefcase they have selected. Players will then be asked the famous question, “Deal or No Deal?”.

If the player accepts, they get the value offered, but as many people can play this game at the same time, the game will continue to play until the end. If the player continues to the very end and doesn’t accept an offer, they will receive the stake that is inside their briefcase, with whatever multiplier that may be applied to it.

It is probably the closest experience that people will find to actually going on the game show itself, which is why it is so popular.