Rollercoaster Live Roulette Session: Long “w8” is Over

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He started off with a few losses in a row, and many viewers were beginning to wonder if he would ever make a comeback. But then, suddenly, the ball landed on the number eight- and he won big! It was an amazing turn of events that had everyone cheering for him.

Crazy Time Session

The early spins were not as ideal as they can be as his $50,000 beginning bankroll was just slashed to $20K before he hit a Coin flip which eventually led to a $21,000 win.

It can be one of the most frustrating moments for some players as his balance was down to less than $10K in just a few minutes and he can even hit a good win because it was just 1 or 2 on the roulette.

He had a hope to get his bankroll up again as he hit a Pachinko bonus but he can’t believe what he had just witnessed as it falls to 5x only which is in between 15x and 40x.

He won another $20,000 but decided to try lightning roulette where he lost it all.

Cashed in another $20,000 which he bet in 2 spins and got nothing.

Live “Roul8” Session

the streamer finally decided to focus on live roulette and cash in another $50,000. While he lost his first $ 13,000 bet, he had a great hit on the second spin as he bags $72,000 with 23.

He hit another $72,000 with 30 but still feels disappointed as it is beside 8 where most of his bets are in.

“Such a good win… Let’s not complain” He said after realizing that it is still a massive win.

“We have to have good management here guys. Maybe we stop soon just because we’re down so much.” He said as he shows the viewers that you have to control the way how you gamble.

His balance goes up and down with his increasing bets and either a $72,000 or a $36,000 win.

“I’m not leaving until I hit that eight” he stated.

He tries changing roulette and ends up frustrated as he sees 8 on the previous hits with a 100x multiplier. But it doesn’t change anything and there is one point where his balance was down to 0 while he had a $17,000 bet on the line. Thankfully, he hit a $72,000 win to keep the session going.

Eventually, he hit a $108,000 win with 36 which slowly changes the mood of the session. His bankroll was up to $180,000 and he’s feeling it right now.

After a few more spins, THE LONG W8 IS OVER! He had a massive $279,000 win with 8 and his reaction says it all.

This makes his balance reach $380,000 and got all of the money that he previously lost during the early part of the session.

He tries a few more spins but he doesn’t care anymore.

“Dude, I don’t even care what it is this time.”

The streamer left with a smile and so as the viewers who have also waited for that 8.

Final Words

It just goes to show that you never know what’s going to happen when you’re playing Live Roulette. You could have a few losses in a row and then hit this kind of win and have a massive session turnaround.

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