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If you’ve ever wondered about the legal side of things when playing live dealer games online, this guide is designed to help you. The USA has varied rules about where live dealer casinos can operate, so it’s wise to read up before you start playing.

Legal Status of Live Dealer Games at Online Casinos in the US

The online casino industry has been a revelation in the western world but, for quite some time, the USA has missed out on this booming sector. Oddly enough, those many moons before when internet casinos and poker rooms began to gain momentum around the world in the 90s, the US was heavily involved . In the latter part of the decade, there were more than 200 sites in the country.

Everything seemed to be going well until the Unlawful Gaming Enforcement Act was passed in 2006. This piece of legislation banned the depositing and withdrawal of funds in online gambling accounts, which consequently led to many sites shutting down, and others disallowing the participation of American players.

Many sites outside of the USA still accepted players from the USA, however, and it was clear that governments in the country were missing out on the lucrative industry. Therefore, in recent years, states have moved to introduce their own legislation for online casinos.

In 2013, New Jersey became the first state to legalize online casinos in the USA. Other states have seen the success that New Jersey has subsequently enjoyed and have also started to process their own legislation. Now, live dealer casinos are available in numerous states across the country, and the dominoes are falling elsewhere.

As it stands, you can now play online live dealer games in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut, and Delaware. When you sign up to a site, you need to provide your ID number and address, meaning that you need to live within the state to be able to play.

Wherever online casinos are available, you will find live dealer games. You need to be over 21 to play, and there are no restrictions on the brands that run live dealer games.

Casino Revenue and Statistics

Judging by the number of states that are trying to push forward online casino legislation, it’s clear that they have noticed the impressive revenue that the six states listed above are raking in from it.

Between 2019 and 2021, there was an 11 percent increase in revenue from the gambling industry in states where it is legal. States collected more than $44 billion in overall gambling revenue in 2021, and this included online and physical casinos as well as sportsbooks.

The global iGaming market is valued at $60 billion, and this is set to shoot up with the rise of online live dealer casinos in the USA. Indeed, the country is expected to have a huge impact on the overall industry. With only six of 50 states having legalized online casinos so far, the scope for increasing revenue massively in the years ahead is incredible.

Slots make up around 80 percent of revenue at online casinos, with table and live offerings representing the further 20 percent. As live streaming has grown in popularity in recent years, live casino offerings have boomed. Operators are putting a heavy emphasis on their live dealer options, as they know that these are a massive draw for players.

The reason for the disparity between the revenue of slots and table games is down to the house edge found on the games. Some live dealer games have an RTP of up to 99%. In comparison, slot games are usually programmed with RTPs between 93% and 97%.

How do I know if a live dealer casino is licensed and regulated?

Before playing at a live dealer casino, it’s wise to read some reviews and guides. We only recommend fully licensed and regulated casinos to our users. If you want to do your own research about a brand, you can check the home page. The licenses will usually be displayed at the bottom.

Do the casinos offer help and support if there are problems?

Yes, all the online casinos that we recommend have a help section. You can usually call for assistance via phone, or you can use the chatbox or email. When you play live dealer games, you can sometimes chat with the dealer if you need help.

Do I have to download anything to play the games?

When you join an online casino, you’ll have to check whether you need to download any software. Some sites require you to use their native app, while others will work through a browser.

What security protocols are in place at live dealer casinos?

There are various security protocols at online casinos, as it is vital that they are safe and secure. The websites we recommend have all the SSL certificates and encryptions in place. They also use multi-factor authentication when asking for payments.

How do I know that the live dealer games are fair?

The great thing about live dealer games is that you can see everything the dealer does. You can observe them shuffling the cards in a shoe or dropping the roulette ball on the wheel. There is no RNG or technology involved, and the games are all operated by humans.