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From the aristocratic gambling halls of a bygone Paris to the palatial floors of the Monte Carlo casino, French roulette has been a mainstay of gambling for centuries. Now, you can play this classic roulette variant online with a real-life dealer and a real French roulette wheel. Read on to find out what you need to know about playing live French roulette online in the US.

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French Roulette Rules

French roulette is the “standard” form of roulette, in the sense that it has been around longer than its American counterpart. The main difference is that it only has one “zero” pocket, while American roulette has two “zero” pockets. This means that French roulette has a lower house edge, at only 2.7%, which is why so many prefer this variant.

Then there are the unique rules of French roulette, namely En Prison and La Partage. With en prison, any time the ball lands on zero during an outside bet, your stake is “imprisoned”. Instead of losing the bet, you can spin again for free in an attempt to win your stake back. With la partage, the player gets half of their wager back in the wheel lands on a zero. 

French Roulette Table
French Roulette Table

French Roulette Strategy

Since French roulette is a game of pure, blind luck, there is not much you can do by way of strategy once the wheel is spinning. However, you can be strategic about your bankroll, while also choosing bets with higher odds of winning. Outside bets such as red-black or high-low have the highest odds of success, while single-number bets have the lowest chances of winning. Pick your bets carefully to even out your odds over time. 

How to Play French Roulette Online

Playing live French roulette has never been easier, thanks to immersive live casino technology. All you need to do is create your account at a licensed US live casino, and then pick the lounge of your choice. You can instruct your friendly and professional dealer on exactly which bets you wish to make, after which they will spin the wheel for you. After this, you’re in Lady Luck’s hands.

French Roulette FAQs

How is French roulette different from American roulette?

The main difference is the existence of only one zero pocket in French roulette, as opposed to two. This gives French roulette a lower “house edge”. 

Are the odds always better in French roulette?

In terms of your odds per spin (without taking specific bets into account), you will find better odds at the French roulette table than at the American one.

Is French roulette available in the US?

Although American roulette is the “standard” in the US, French roulette games are widely available at most US online live casino websites.