Streamer Struggles in Blackjack; Baccarat Saves the Day

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In one of his streams, Codeman was having a terrible time playing Blackjack live dealer online. He had been dealt a series of bad hands and his bankroll was quickly dwindling. In frustration, he switched to playing Baccarat and suddenly everything changed!

He started winning hand after hand and soon had built his bankroll back up. This is just another example of how important it is to be flexible when playing casino games online. If you are struggling in one game, don’t be afraid to switch to another!

Online Blackjack Struggle

Blackjack is a very popular casino game that has made its way onto the internet. Many websites offer blackjack games with real dealers, and some of these websites even offer live streaming of the games. Blackjack is a relatively simple game, a great in-hame decision-making may also be required especially for high-rollers.

Live dealer blackjack can be a fun and exciting way to gamble online, but it can also be frustrating when the dealer seems to be winning every hand. That’s what happened to one popular streamer recently, who found himself on the receiving end of some bad luck.

He started with a 10,000 bankroll which he immediately bet and lost. So he has to deposit another 10,000 to bet again. He win that time but he struggled in keeping his bankroll up.

The dealer got better hands every time, leaving the streamer frustrated and feeling like they couldn’t catch a break. It’s moments like this that can make or break a gambling session, and it’s important to know how to handle them.

Switch to Online Baccarat

The player decided to switch to another popular live dealer game – Baccarat. This game may be a little simpler than blackjack when it comes to betting but it offers almost the same winnings as the first game.

As soon as he enters the room, he bet $15,000 on the player and $2,000 on the two side bets. the player just got a one, but it surprised them as the banker also got a 1 which means it’s a tie and they win 15,000 in return. Suffered a small loss but much better than losing the whole bet.

The Streamer is still losing some rounds but he managed to get his bankroll up to almost $80,000. He decided to return to a Blackjack room for a while but it resulted in massive losses again. After a quick blackjack session, his balance was back to $15,000.

Luckily, he still got the momentum as he return the baccarat. He got a crazy stretch where his 15,000 bankrolls turned into 80,000 after a few minutes.

Codeman stopped after as the bankroll dropped again to 60,000 and says:

“We don’t need to get to a hundred thousand dollars every time bro”.