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Roulette is one of the most popular table games at both physical brick-and-mortar casinos as well as at online casinos. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is all about the luck of where the ball will land on the wheel.

Roulette Big Wins

Five Times Players Have Won Big Playing Roulette at Live Casinos

There is no interference from outsiders that could affect the outcome unlike in blackjack where a player before you can take a card that will have seen you get 21 or bust the dealer. It is just about guessing the outcome of where a simple ball will land, and the results are completely down to chance.

There is one other reason people play as well though, and that is because live roulette online can offer some big payouts. Partly because online casinos tend to allow higher stakes than physical casinos, but because the odds offered are usually higher than in other table games, with predicting a single number correctly returning you 36x your stake.

But how much could one person really win on roulette? What is the most someone has won on roulette? Well, here are some of the biggest wins in history that have occurred when playing roulette at live dealer casinos. We’ve listed them from the smallest to the biggest just to build the excitement.

W2S Goes All-In

Whilst this may not be classed as a big win to some, especially compared to those further down our list, it deserves a feature. Twitch streamer W2S decided to go all-in with the last of his funds, placing everything he could on Black. In total, he had $3,072 placed with just under a 50% chance of it paying off.

Fortunately, it did when the ball stopped on Black 10, returning to him $6,145. Again, it may not be the biggest of payouts we feature on this list, but it is a big amount for some, and we respect the determination to go all-in with everything he had, and the gamble paid off. If it had not gone that way, then he would be flat broke, losing everything he had in his balance. Plus, he also wouldn’t appear in our list of big wins.

LosPollsTV Goes on an Insane Run

LosPollosTV is a Twitch streamer whose videos also appear on YouTube. Like many streamers now, he spends most of his time playing slot games, roulette, and a variety of other games at live online casinos. Quite often, he’ll also play with friends too who sit with him on stream and suggest numbers for him to place his chips on.

In this clip, he doesn’t have any extreme major payouts but goes on an incredible run that sees him go from just under $10,000 to $50,000. He keeps doubling his stakes throughout the process, and somehow just keeps getting the luck of the ball falling into the numbers he has covered. Eventually, he does stop though before switching to some other games. But just watch this incredible run unfold.

Prodigy Ends Losing Streak with $400,000 Win

Prodigy is a YouTuber with over 250k subscribers who makes a living from online gambling. One of the many games he enjoys playing is roulette, and in this clip, things didn’t get off to a great start. He lost over $150,000 on his first three spins. And before that, he showed how he had been making a loss over the past few sessions before this one too.

However, it all began to change when he landed a big win of $144,000 after the ball landed on Red 32. But it wasn’t really that big of a win when his stake cost him $92,000, meaning it was only $56,000 profit from that spin. Still impressive, but it gets better.

His efforts would soon pay off, when just a couple of spins later, after upping his stake to $100,500, he hit the jackpot. The ball landed on Red 9, which he had covered heavily. Returning a huge $432,000 to him, taking his total balance up to $491,354.56, which put him up to nearly $400,000 profit for the day. This clip shows how it all unfolded:

ttdante Wins $750,000 on Lightning Roulette

You may have seen this video before, which went viral earlier this year when YouTuber ttdante pulled off one of the biggest wins in roulette from a single spin.

He was playing a particular version of roulette known as Lightning Roulette. It is very much the same as the standard game with an extra feature that “lightning” will strike certain numbers and add multipliers to them, boosting their winnings.

In this clip, we see him place a $10,000 stake spread across the table, with one of those numbers being Black 8. The Black 8 then gets struck by “lightning” and receives a 500x multiplier if the ball lands on it, which it does, paying out $750,000. Just look at his reaction in this video. It’s absolutely priceless.

ROSHTEIN Wins Over $900,000 in Two Spins

If you haven’t heard of ROSHTEIN before, he’s a very eccentric Twitch streamer who mainly plays slot games. In fact, he plays them so often that he now gets paid to play by developers in order to promote new slot games arriving at the best online live casinos in the US

However, from time to time, he enjoys playing other table games such as roulette whilst his spins are just working their way through his funds. It’s almost a sideshow to his main content. But, it was a sideshow that paid well when in this clip, where he gets two back-to-back wins on $72,000 stakes – the first landing on Red 18, and the second landing on Black 17

The payout for these two wins alone totaled more than $900,000, taking his total balance up to $1,483,830. He continued to play a little longer afterwards too, but this clip was the pinnacle of that session and shows how important the win was that put him back up for the night.

There you our list of some of the biggest wins we’ve seen online at live casinos! The next winner could be just around corner… Who knows?